About FreeSampleParty

The team at FreeSampleParty scours the web daily for the best free samples that we can find. There are a lot of sites that claim to ship samples, but our job is to find the ones that actually do what they say.

FreeSampleParty launched with one thing in mind: Find the best links to free samples, and only share the ones that work. It's not an easy job. There are lots of companies out there that promise to send free samples, but many of them do not follow through. We consider it our duty and mission to hunt down the samples that will make people happy.

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Our Process

Collectively, we have over 20 years of experience in the online sampling community, and so we've pretty much seen it all. Each day, we search online forums, TV and print ads, other websites, and pretty much anywhere else we can think of to come up with a list of companies that are offering new samples or freebies for that day. Next, we filter that list down to the ones we actually believe. What makes a sampling provider trustworthy? Most of the time, it's a provider that has given out samples before, and we've received samples from them in the past. Those are the easy ones. When it's a new provider, we look at the details. Things like terms & conditions, privacy policy, ratings and reviews, and even message boards or social media will give us big clues as to whether or not we think the freebie is "real." We even consider the size of the company. A lot of mom and pop shops will put up a free sample for their local customers without realizing how it can go viral. They become inundated with free sample requests and can't fulfill them all. We avoid those too.

Who makes the cut?

If you're a real brand with a real product, and you have the capacity to ship thousands of samples to customers eager to try your product, then you could make the cut. A lot of sampling companies will want product feedback, or will want to learn more about the customer before deciding if that customer is eligible for a sample. We will post those too, but they aren't as high of a priority as the sampling providers that accept everyone. Our goal is to provide the best content that can make the most people happy. Please let us know if we are not meeting that goal.

´╗┐Does FreeSampleParty give out samples?

No, we do not. We find links to companies that promise samples. You will not receive any samples from FreeSampleParty. You must request each sample from the company that we post about in order to receive samples. We don't guarantee that you will receive anything by joining FreeSampleParty. However, if you join our our private Facebook Group, you can see thousands of people posting photos of samples that they have received by participating with the companies that we post about on our website.

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