23 of the best online places to get free stickers

Whether you're a scrapbooker or just enjoy sticking stickers on things, we came up with the ultimate list of places to get 100% free stickers. Each of these companies will mail free stickers to your address.

Stickers can come in all shapes and sizes. From scrapbooking stickers to bumper stickers, we've found numerous places that will ship free stickers directly to your mailbox. Keep in mind that each company will have its own waiting time for shipping out stickers, so pay attention to the details on that website before requesting your sticker. Then just keep an eye on your mailbox for your new fun sticker to arrive!

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1. Protect Your Pets with a Free Pet Safety Pack

If an emergency happens while you'e away from home, your pets won't know how to save themselves. The ASPCA is offering free pet safety packs including decals to put in your windows.Request this Freebie

2. Free Cotopaxi Llama Sticker

Stickers are a neat way to display your personality and support the causes you care about. Here's how you can get your Cotopaxi llama sticker for free.Request this Freebie

3. Free Sticker from Keds

Show your support of Keds and stick these free stickers on anything you'd like! Keds chooses the sticker to send to you, so be ready to be surprised!

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4. Show Your Love with a Free Y'all Means All sticker

There's only one direction for our society to move, and that''s forward. Get a free "Y'all Means All" sticker from the Southern Poverty Law Center and show your support for LGBTQ rights.

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5. Spread the Word with Free PETA Stickers

Stickers can be more than just fun decorations; they can also further a cause! Make your views on animal abuse known with free stickers from PETA.Request this Freebie

6. Live Free and Be Happy with a Free Whimsical Wolf Sticker

Whimsical Wolf's mission is to make shirts that are as simple as they are stylish and to help the wolf population at the same time. Enter your information to request a free "Live Free and Be Happy" sticker courtesy of Whimsical Wolf. 

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7. Free Vote Vets Sticker

Get a free sticker from Vote Vets to show your support for America's military voting by mail since 1864.Request this Freebie

8. Free Rokbox Entertainment Stickers

Rokbox entertainment is a full-scale entertainment experience company for high school events. You can order a free sticker to place around your town and join the movement.Request this Freebie

9. Free Join the Charge Sticker from SMUD

Claim a free Join the Charge sticker to support SMUD's initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 2030.Request this Freebie

10. Free Tamba Surf Co. Stickers

Tamba Surf brings the Hawaiian Hang-Ten vibes with surf boards, apparel, and more! Request your free stickers and put some surf swag on your notebooks, water bottles, or anywhere!Request this Freebie

11. Free Give Water Give Life Sticker

Operation Blessing is a non-profit that works to give food, water, and disaster relief to those in need around the world. Sign up today for a free Give Water Give Life bumper sticker to show your support.Request this Freebie

12. Free Southern Marsh Sticker

Southern Marsh is a high-quality clothing brand bringing southern and preppy styles together for the whole family. Get you free sticker today!Request this Freebie

13. Free Travel Oklahoma Stickers

Travel Oklahoma is offering an array of #OKHereWeGO stickers and decals that encourage people to explore all of the sights in Oklahoma. Order your free decal and start exploring!Request this Freebie

14. Free Weaver Leather Supply Stickers

Show your love for leather crafting with these pun-filled stickers from Weaver Leather Supply. Just fill out a quick form to get your free sticker.Request this Freebie

15. Free Freezer Labels and Stickers Sample Pack

Get a free freezer labels and stickers sample pack from freezerlabels.net. They provide two different types of sample packs for potential customers. Pick from blank labels or a selection of custom labels that they have printed from previous customers.Request this Freebie

16. Free A Fish' Life Comic Book and Stickers

PETA Kids teaches children about animal welfare. Download a free A Fish's Life Comic Book and send in a request for free stickers! A Fish's Life teaches kids about sea life and deters kids from fishing and eating fish.Request this Freebie

17. Betta Fish Deserve Better Stickers (PETA)

Selling betta fish in cramped bowls or cups perpetuates the harmful myth that they're nothing more than pretty starter pets. PETA is sending out free stickers to help in the fight towards giving betta fish a life in a full aquarium anRequest this Freebie

18. Saucony Stickers - Free Request

Complete this quick request form for free stickers from Saucony. They're sending this one out in exchange for joining their email list. Just submit your request and you're done!Request this Freebie

19. Sign up for Free TNT Fireworks Swag

https://www.tntfireworks.com/tnt-clubRequest this Freebie

20. Support the Troops Stickers and Window Clings

Request these and place them anywhere you want. Stickers and window clings are available for every branch of the U.S. Military.Request this Freebie

21. Free Stationary Sample Pack from Moo

You will receive MOO-branded Postcards, Flyers, Stickers, MiniCards and Greeting Cards. Different paper stocks and finishes, including matte and gloss!Request this Freebie

22. Score Free Pelican Coast Clothing Co. Stickers

Do you love Pelican Coast? They love you too, and they'll show it by sending you a free sticker! You even have two designs to choose from.

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23. Get a Free Subaru Badge of Ownership

Subarus tend to become part of the family, and a Badge of Ownership lets you show off your family values. Here's how you can get your free custom badge.Request this Freebie

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